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Tales of SERIES 25th Anniversary

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ABOUT An epic Tale that unfolds from 21 different points of view. 21 vibrant protagonists meet, clash over opposing justice, forge bonds, and grow as people. Play through each character's journey to reveal their motivations and uncover hidden truths behind world events in a deep, layered narrative.


I’ll fight for my justice… And kill yours if I must. Long ago, this land was home tobeasts the size of mountains that have now become petrified.Mana overflowed from their remains, drawing people who sought its power,and civilizations sprang up. People came to revere these mana-producing creatures,which they named 'Primordial Beasts'.They built their lives around them.Thus began the worship of the Primordial Beasts.

Time flowed ever onward, to the present day... War erupts between the Jerle Federation,an alliance of countries who worship the Primordial Beasts,and the Gildllan Empire, which has enjoyed explosivedevelopment thanks to advanced technology.The fires of war burn ever brighter.

 Federation knights-in-training, Imperial soldiers,and adventurers who owe allegiance to neither side... 21 very different people weave the story of their bonds,and the paths they forge through a turbulent age. Will their varying outlooks lead them to hidden truths about the world?You'll have to play to find out...


Jerle Federation Since olden times, they have lived in harmony with nature and the Primordial Beasts

  • Leo
  • Celia
  • Michelle
  • Lisette
  • Lucien
  • Maxime
  • Vanessa
  • Yelsy

VS War erupts between the two nations over the Primordial Beasts

Gildllan Empire A technologically advanced nation whose growth is fueled by artificial extraction of mana from the Primordial Beasts

  • August
  • Alexandra
  • Bastien
  • Laplace
  • Gaspard
  • Hugo
  • Amelie
  • Falk

Adventurer Members of neither military, they investigate the mystery of the Primordial Beasts on their own.

  • Edouard
  • Lydie
  • Ana-Maria
  • Charles
  • Raoul




Animated feature in the works! An important juncture in the story of Luminaria gets a specialanimated feature adaptation through the talented animators of Kamikaze Douga,congealing and bringing to life the game's theme of ''confronting antagonistic ideas of justice''!



The game's theme song comes to us from Frederic and Keina Suda. They will also be collaborating to write ''Inspire Songs,'' inspired by Luminaria's epic story. These 3 songs will capture the emotions of our 21 protagonists as they pursue their intertwining destinies.

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