TALES OF LUMINARIA -The Fateful Crossroad

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TALES OF LUMINARIA – the latest title in the popular RPG “Tales of” series, which has sold over 25 million copies worldwide – is becoming an anime!

This profound story, woven together from the journeys of 21 protagonists, will be turned into a full-length, high-quality, CG-animated feature! With the extraordinary talent of Kamikaze Douga at the helm, a story will be told that can only be seen here.

Can friendship and personal justice survive, caught between two warring powers? Fueled by their convictions, a generation of young people take up their swords.


"Where's the justice in this?!
Answer me, Hugo!"

Long ago, this land was
home to beasts the size of mountains.
Mana overflowed from their remains,
drawing people who sought that power,
and civilizations sprang up.
People came to revere
these mana-producing creatures,
which they named "Primordial Beasts."
They built their lives around them.
Thus began the worship of the Primordial Beasts.

Time flowed ever onward, to the present day...
War erupts between the Jerle Federation,
an alliance of countries
who worship the Primordial Beasts,
and the Gildllan Empire,
which has enjoyed explosive development
thanks to advanced technology.
The fires of war are stoked with each passing day.
Leo, a young federation knight-in-training,
heads out to complete a mission in Lunne,
a town formerly under imperial control,
now located near the border.
With him are his childhood friend
and fellow trainee, Celia,
and their instructor, Lisette.
Who should be waiting for them but Hugo,
a former friend turned traitor to the federation,
now a soldier of the empire...


Leo Fourcade

Leo Fourcade

VA: Aaron Dismuke

A young man who's taken his deceased grandmother's injunction to "live nobly" as his creed. He enters the knight academy along with his childhood friends, Celia and Hugo, hoping one day to defeat the empire that destroyed their hometown. There, he enters the special elite class known as "Blaze".

Celia Arvier

Celia Arvier

VA: Cristina Vee

Leo and Hugo's childhood friend. She enters the knight academy with them and joins the ranks of Blaze. A natural caretaker, she keeps a protective eye on her friends, although she nurses feelings of inferiority toward them. Eagle-eyed and perceptive, she specializes in long-distance attacks with her bow.

Lisette Regnier

Lisette Regnier

VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Instructor in charge of the special elite class, Blaze, to which Leo and Celia belong. Her martial skills are top-tier, but despite her stellar record, she stays off the front lines for some reason. When it comes to training her students, tough love is an understatement.

Lucien Dufaure

Lucien Dufaure

VA: Micah Solusod

The head of Blaze, possessed of superior combat and leadership skills. With wisdom beyond his years, he's achieved many tactical victories. Off the battlefield, he is kind to everyone, and has a penchant for tea and sweets.

Hugo Simon

Hugo Simon

VA: Eric Vale

Friends with Leo and Celia since childhood. Although he is earnest and cares deeply about his friends, he has an awkward tendency to keep his worries to himself. During his time in Blaze with Leo and the others, something causes him to become increasingly distrustful of the federation. A meeting with August finally lures him over to the imperial side.

Alexandra von Sonne

VA: Caitlin Glass

The White Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. Noble-born, upright, and capable, she graduated top of her class from the imperial military academy. Dedicated to her own sense of justice, she cooperates with August despite their clashing beliefs.

August Wallenstein

August Wallenstein

VA: J Michael Tatum

Once a humble apple farmer, his life changed drastically when he lost his hometown and his beloved wife and daughter to an inhuman military operation. Swearing vengeance, he joins the imperial army, where his rare talents eventually elevate him to the rank of chancellor.

Bastien Forge

Bastien Forge

VA: Christopher R. Sabat

The Black Wolf, one of the Alphas who support the empire alongside August. He boasts overwhelming strength, even for a soldier of the imperial army; his mere appearance on the battlefield is enough to make federation soldiers shudder in fear.

  • Leo Fourcade
  • Celia Arvier
  • Lisette Regnier
  • Lucien Dufaure
  • Hugo Simon
  • Alexandra von Sonne
  • August Wallenstein
  • Bastien Forge